Flat Rock Brew Cafe Saison

Flat Rock Brew Cafe

Released February 25th, 2015

The brief – if you can call a suggestion from the bar manager such a thing – for this beer was essentially to brew something reasonably easy-drinking for the summer crowd. So Flat Rock brewer Vince de Soyres settled on a saison and, when it comes to saisons, there are few better places to look for inspiration than Saison Dupont. Now, he never aimed to produce a Dupont clone, but rather took inspiration from the higher fermentation temperatures the Belgian brewer uses as that’s something a Sydney summer offers up freely.

So it was that the Flat Rock saison spent a little time out the back of the brewery in January, reaching a temperature of around 32 degrees. And, whatever the unusually high ferment did, it worked. The French yeast, French hops and a pinch of crushed star anise have all come together to produce a beautifully clean, light and dry beer, but one that’s still full of the complex flavours you’d want from saison such as banana and liquorice. Coming in at 4.7 percent, it meets its objective, and meets it in some style.

Nick O


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