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Nomad Brewing

Sideways Pale Ale is billed as a hoppy pale ale, bursting with Australian and American hops - nothing particularly new there, you might rightly argue. But there’s a key difference: at a shade under four per cent, this is effectively a low alcohol brew. Although, you wouldn’t know it from the taste - and that’s entirely the point. With a pleasant fruity aroma combined with a long, lingering bitterness, this is a beer your palate will tell you that you’ve had even when your head would swear you hadn’t. It’s the kind of beer that will find particular favour with the Brookvale brewery’s local clientele; something you’d happily throw down when coming straight off the beach or out of the waves, but equally enjoy a few of when sitting around on the long summer nights. Released at a time when lower alcohol ‘session’ IPAs are gaining popularity, an even lower strength, even-more-sessionable but equally assertive pale ale proves you can get more from less.

Pale Ale
32 IBU
Nomad Brewing

5 Sydenham Road
NSW 2100

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