Indi The P.O.M – RETIRED

Indian Ocean Brewing

Published August 13, 2013

As we all know, the English are not the sort of race to gloat. Despite being on the wrong end of many a thrashing - not to mention the odd whitewash - by the Aussie cricketers, just because they've won the current series in England early is no reason to act all high and mighty. That just wouldn't be in their nature, especially not any Englishmen actually living and working in Australia. Although, hang on a minute... What's this from British brewer Dave Brough, currently ensconced at the Indian Ocean Brewery in WA? The P.O.M. - an English style Old Ale "with a bitter finish - for the Aussies."

Ummm... we'd best let Dave do the talking himself on this one...

"Our winter warmer is brewed from 100 per cent English raw materials - well almost, we had to compromise on the water... but we did 'Burtonise' it [which means adding sulphate to make it like the water native to Burton-upon-Trent, home of the original English Pale Ale - Crafty]. It has been brewed by a POM as celebration of 'The Ashes' series. Darker and more eerie than the rooms at Lumley Castle (Shane Watson??), with an earthy aroma reminiscent of rain falling on a dry wicket (Old Trafford, perhaps??) and with a big, malty mid palate that gives way to dry, roasty (with a hint of charred bail) flavour and a nice bitter finish ' for The Aussies. One to savour!"

Roll on the return series!

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