Mornington Peninsula ESB

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

Released June 14th, 2012

They don't hang about at Mornington Peninsula Brewery. Since racing out of the traps less than two years ago, they've released all manner of beers into the Aussie beer world. And now here comes their first English ale. Word from the brewery is it's deep orange in colour and delivers "sweet malt aromas of toffee and raspberry, underpinned by an earthy hop bouquet". Intriguingly this is followed by "sweet marmalade and fruit bun flavours" plus some nuttiness and bitterness. Given we were told by one bottleshop owner that sales of British ales are on the rise, perhaps there are more people looking away from tropical hop bombs as we head into the cooler weather. Or perhaps we're all secret monarchists quaffing pints of bitter while gazing upon our shrines to old Queenie.

Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Tribe)

72 Watt Road
VIC 3931

(03) 5976 3663
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Thurs & Fri: 3pm to 11pm
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