2 Brothers Terminator

2 Brothers

Released August 4, 2011

Ideally, we'd like to work the phrase "I'll be back" into this review, but as it's the first time 2 Brothers have released the beer, we might just have to wait until they make another batch next year. Instead, we'll have to console ourselves by telling you all about it, it being a German style doppelbock. According to brewer Andrew Ong: "We followed the traditional German naming convention of doppelbocks always end in the letters 'â?¦ator'" while the brew itself was apparently a nightmare, with the runoff that normally takes 90 minutes taking over six hours "due mainly to the very high loading of crystal malt used in the grist." Rather promisingly, the last time a brewer confided that the brewing process had gone awry, the result was Hargreaves Hill's splendid Melanie IPA so the omens are good. As for this one, we're told to expect rum, brown sugar and dates on the nose, biscuit, molasses and vanilla in the mouth. Sounds like one for the sweet-toothed among us.


Young & Jackson's

Dan O'Connell (Carlton)

Gertrude's Brown Couch (Fitzroy)

Dexter's (Clifton Hill)


Mrs Parma's

Baden Powell

Prince Albert (Williamstow

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